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Start Using Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are declarations about yourself and your life. They help you to create new thought patterns: positive, supporting, and encouraging ones. Say them out loud. Say them in front of a mirror. Say them 100 times a day.

I am beautiful. I am smart. I am successful. I deserve all the abundance and joy in this world. I am happy and healthy. I approve of myself. Life loves me. I am physically strong with an iron health. I am loving & lovable. Perfect is now. I happily reach for the stars. I am a natural leader.

How do you feel repeating these positive statements out loud? Are you comfortable with it, or does it make you feel slightly uncomfortable? Maybe even extremely uncomfortable? Feeling uncomfortable is entirely normal. We may perceive saying such affirmations as arrogant, too self-centered, or we may just not believe that what we are saying is true. Hold that thought for a moment and let us look at the opposite.

Let’s take a look at all the negative self-talk we give ourselves on a daily basis: I can’t do this. Stupid me. I’m a klutz. Sorry, I always make that mistake. I really don’t deserve this. I’m not doing enough. I’m not smart enough. Of course, I did that wrong. Life is just like that. You can’t always be happy. I can’t catch a break. Bad things are always happening to me. I’m sure he doesn’t like me. I always mess things up.

How do you feel about repeating these negative statements? Surprisingly comfortable? They do not promote happiness. They do not energize us, motivate us, or encourage us. Yet, saying them out loud feels so much easier, doesn’t it? Notice how effortlessly a negative statement slips through and how hard a positive one can be to pronounce. It is no surprise that we are not comfortable repeating positive affirmations, that we may perceive them as too self-centered or that we cannot believe they are true.

The good news is, it is nothing but a habit. An old one. A life-long pattern we have adopted over the years. But most importantly, it is a pattern that we can change once we become aware of it. We can unlearn it, and we can shift it. We can replace it with a new pattern. All we need to start is awareness and willingness to put in the work.

Positive affirmations are not meant to be comparing, judgmental, or in any way hierarchical. You are not better or worse than someone else. Yet, we may see in them a comparison. We may believe that if we say I am beautiful, someone else has to be less beautiful. But we are not saying I am more beautiful than she is, I am more successful than he is. I make more money than they do. It is not about comparing ourselves to anyone else. This is about us as human beings, as soulful human beings. You are beautiful. You are successful. You are lovable. It does not mean that anyone else is less of it. It does not mean that there is less beauty in the world, just because you say I am beautiful. Beauty, joy, love, and money are abundant. Any associated limitations are made-up by us or society. These limitations make it so difficult for us to believe these statements. We believe we are not worth it. We believe we do not deserve it. We believe we are not enough.

Trust yourself. Be willing to change your trajectory by starting with the way you are thinking about and talking to yourself. I am beautiful - Period I am smart - Period No strings attached. No conditions. No comparison. When we start using positive affirmations, it will help us become aware of these old patterns and gradually shift them into news ones. Start by creating your own affirmation sequence and repeat it every morning or as often as you feel like it. Or you can pick just one affirmation such as I am willing to change, or I approve of myself and repeat it every time you say something negative about yourself. You might be surprised how often that happens.

Always remember there is an abundance out there, and you are worth it. You deserve to become more approving, more accepting, and more loving toward yourself.

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