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Dear Friend,

Welcome to your journey. I am Carolin Viktoria Kuhmann, a certified Heal Your Life® and Meditation Teacher. After working in IT for 13 years, a change in my career has allowed me to follow my dreams and start my own business as a soulful life coach and dedicated meditation teacher.


I want to encourage others to look inside, practice self-care, be curious about mindfulness and let go of any restrictions and negative self-talk. It can be scary to take a moment, pause, and really look at where you are in life. But awareness is the first step in fulfilling your dreams & desires. My own inner journey has started in 2014 and has been magnificent ever since. I practice what I teach and have done a lot of work, digging deep and revealing layer after layer of adopted and self-imposed conditioning. 

My coaching services include workshops & programs based on the philosophy and timeless concepts of Louise L Hay, who is well-known for her book "You Can Heal Your Life." These workshops provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your thoughts and beliefs, the challenges you see in your life, and the changes you long for - all in a safe and loving environment. Using different tools and techniques such as visualization and affirmations, you will become aware of limiting and negative thought patterns and learn how to release them. 

My meditation programs are designed to help you establish a daily meditation practice and learn more about the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. As a dedicated meditator myself, I have experienced countless benefits of my daily practice. Meditation guided me through a time of emotional turmoil, finding peace and strength within when I most needed it. 


All Heal Your Life® workshops can be customized for your community, or you can sign up for my monthly offerings. My services are also available as corporate training programs. Promoting stress relief and mindfulness in the workplace is essential to me. Allowing your employees an opportunity to participate will benefit both sides and is a genuine token of appreciation.

With joy and gratitude,



Let's Connect

I am happy to answer questions and am available to work with you in person or remotely. 


Complimentary 30-minute consultations available.

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