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Why I Meditate

When I started meditating, I had no idea I would become such a dedicated meditator. All I remember is being in so much pain – emotional pain. I felt overwhelmed by it, drowning in it, and all I wanted for it was to stop and go away. Sadness and despair were hanging all over me, encompassing me. I felt overcharged, tired, and exhausted. There was no peace, no quietude, no way to escape my painful feelings. That is when I began meditating and seeing a therapist. My therapist helped me process my trauma, go through my pain, open myself up to it, and learn to let go of any resistance.

Meditation comforted me. It grounded me, centered me, and balanced me. I was able to rest. I started connecting with something inside of me that I had not noticed before that I had not been aware of. I realized how strong I was. The part I connected with when meditating made me feel safe, calm, and at peace. Even though my outer storm raged on for a while, my inner calm grew. I was able to sit in my overwhelming emotions without drowning in them.

There is a place within where time stands stills, and you can rest, heal, and just be. This is where I found myself, and every time I meditate, I reconnect with that place. The connection does not cease to exist when I finish my meditation. The benefits of meditation happen afterward as I carry the quietness, peacefulness, and strength with me throughout my day. I can tap into it again at any point in time. Over the years, my connection has become stronger, brighter, and more fulfilling every day.

Now, I am so attuned to my body and my emotions. I can feel them, look at them, and shift them. I can sense when I am out of balance when I am not in my flow. There is an unshakable groundedness and calmness within me that would weather any storm. I have learned to live from the inside out instead of the other way around.

When I wake up in the morning and take the time to go inside, I connect to the stillness and power within me. I set my intention for the day. When I meditate in the afternoon or early evening, I let go of my day. My accomplishments, my disappointments, whatever has happened during my day - I let go of it. I center myself, take a long, slow, deep breath in, and just be. I sleep better at night and wake up lighter the next day, ready to set a new intention for my day.

It feels as if the volume of the chatty noise in my mind calms down to a bare whisper, giving me room to breathe and think clearly. The world stops spinning. Time is infinite and clarity returns. I feel refreshed, free of any emotional burden, and so content.

These days, I want to teach others how to find emotional freedom, how to connect and communicate with your inner strength & calm, and how to look inside without fear. By slowing down your inner world, your outer world will slow down automatically. This is where you find tranquility, strength, confidence, and so much more. This is where you find all the answers. This is where you find yourself.

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