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The Stillness Within

I am the stillness within me. A stillness that cannot be touched or disturbed by anyone.

It is peaceful. It is comforting. It is safe. And so am I.


Being with the stillness inside us is the bravest thing we can do. That is where we seem most vulnerable but are most powerful. Emotions and feelings come up when we become still. It may seem impossible to hold them, and we resist a lot. But this is where we find peace: Speaking from the vulnerable parts within us, the part that is afraid. The fear that doesn’t have a voice. It makes sense that we don’t want to go there. That we would rather distract ourselves or avoid any contact. How would it feel if we could say aloud what we are concerned about and voice our fear? Would it feel freeing, lighter, and less burdened? Would it empower us, inspire us, and uplift us?  

Once we become still, it seems that our thoughts are getting louder, and our feelings overwhelm us. Once we become still, it appears that anxiety creeps in, and fear awakens inside of us. It makes sense to resist that. But we forget that the thoughts we are repressing exist whether we become still or not. That we may be blocking our feelings and the anxiety in our body, but they do exist. And we are exhausted. The energy it takes to keep all of this at bay, to distract ourselves, deflect, ignore, avoid, get angry – it is unmatched. It drains us. It bleeds us dry. And then there seems to be no energy left when everything comes crashing down on us because we are already spent trying to prevent that.

Becoming still will bring us peace and comfort over time. Our feelings want to be heard, and being able to voice our fears will help us release them. Yes, I am afraid of this. I am struggling with it. Knowing what we are scared of is powerful. It doesn’t make the fear go away, but we will understand ourselves better, and it will make sense - all of it. We can be with our emotions and feelings. We can hold them and create space for them. We can learn to let them go and heal ourselves in the process.

It will also help us find our own stillness within us. The one that cannot be touched or disturbed by anyone. We have good reasons for not wanting to be still. But the benefits outweigh them all. It is worth it. The stillness within is a powerful embrace of peace, of being held and knowing that we are safe, supported, and loved. That stillness is our home.



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