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Being Who You Are

I choose to be a philosopher, a meditation teacher, an awareness coach, and a dog mom.

It’s my choice. I am the woman I see, look up to, and admire. And so are you. Whatever characteristics you think don’t fit, let go of that restriction. You can be sweet and dominant, vulnerable and in charge. It does not have to be one or the other. Who says it must be either or? You do not have to fit in or hide any part of you that wants to be seen and heard. A strong woman needs someone to lean on once in a while or even every day. Being strong doesn’t mean that you know everything or always have to do everything yourself. It means you trust yourself, believe in yourself, and know you will be able to handle anything in your life. It means you feel safe within - exactly the way you are. You do not have to choose or hide any parts of yourself.

If we truly lived our life the way we want to live it, without hiding the parts of us that we think do not fit into the box we are given, then society would grow with us. As long as we keep hiding and living in the shadows, our global consciousness will not evolve at the same rate as our individual consciousness does. We feel more aware than society because we are more aware than society. But we can help the world catch up by expressing ourselves, putting ourselves out there, and owning our impact - from the moment we wake up and realize that the choice is ours.

Namaste, my friend,


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