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Accepting This Moment

It can be challenging for us to accept what is, where we are, and what surrounds us if it is not what we envision and desire our life to be. How can I possibly accept this moment if I don’t like my circumstances or am unhappy with my life or certain aspects of it? This belief often leads us to fight this moment because we blame it for our unhappiness. We feel it is its fault that we don’t have what we truly desire. Because it simply refuses to be exactly that. But let me tell you, this moment is innocent and free. We are the ones feeling trapped in it.

How much time do you spend thinking about what you don’t like about your life, letting yourself be annoyed by it, and then putting it aside so that you can repeat that cycle the next day? How often do you talk about what is not working in your life and what you dislike without a clear path to change it?

Think about all the time and energy you spend on something that does not bring you an inch closer to your dreams. It takes up a lot of energy to fight, blame, and wallow in this moment, and it also distracts you from moving toward your dreams.

How many times do you talk about your visions and desires – all the things you would like to create in your life? How often do you have conversations about these topics? Conversations that leave you feeling light, energized, and free.

Fully accepting this moment means trusting that you can change it and create what you desire. You are not giving up on your dreams. You are making space for them, harnessing your energy to fulfill them by allowing yourself to be right here and now.

Don’t fight this moment. Embrace it to create the life you want to live, the life you love. If you accept what is, you free yourself to move forward. Spend your time, energy, and focus on beautifying this moment, making it the best and most fabulous moment in your life, knowing and trusting that whatever comes will be even more beautiful because you are the one creating it!

This moment is in your hands. You have the power.

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