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Looking Back At Today – One Day Soon

One day, when we look back at today and our time spent at home, our time in self-quarantine, all the limitations and restrictions, losses and worries, and whatever else our current situation represents to us personally. One day soon, when we look back, I want to be able to say, “I did the very best I could.”

Some days it was hard to get up. Some days it was easy. Some days I was barely able to handle staying home. Some days I really enjoyed it. Some days I wanted to explode. Some days I laughed and danced. Some days I got angry for no reason. Some days I comforted others. Some days I felt life is never going to be the same. Some days I was hopeful. Some days I wished things could just go back to normal. Some days I accepted the new normal. Some days I felt blue. Some days I felt inspired. Some days I felt lonely. Some days I felt connected.

Each day was different, but every day, I gave it my very best. Whether it was a good day or a bad day, I took care of myself. I reached out to my friends, cuddled my dog, went for a walk, or just sat there watching TV, trying not to stuff myself with too much food (some days I was more successful, some days less). I played the piano more often. I spent time reading. I talked to my family a lot. I meditated and wrote down my feelings. I shared. I knew that one day this would be behind us, and I wanted to be able to say, “I did the very best I could, every day!” I started envisioning all the days I was looking forward to, all the things to do when this is over, be it tomorrow, next month, or next year. It made me smile and motivated me to really lean in as best as I can on every given day.

Because I know for sure that:

One day soon, I’m back at my CrossFit gym sweating and working out with my friends, grabbing a coffee and pastrami-egg-and-cheese sandwich afterward (yes, I just worked out), sitting at my favorite deli, relaxing and enjoying my after workout glow.

One day soon, I’m taking my dog to the dog park, watching her dart around like a crazy “person,” greeting every human being and asking to be petted by them.

One day soon, I’m meeting up with my friends for brunch, lunch, and dinner, laughing, catching up, and being grateful for our time together.

One day soon, I’m sitting at the hair salon, getting my hair cut & colored, celebrating with everyone who works there, talking about that time when we all had to pause and adjust.

One day soon, my sister is coming to visit me, and we spend time together roaming the streets in NYC complaining about all the tourists and long lines with a smile on our face because we remember.

One day soon, I’m looking back at this time, thinking how my day had fewer distractions and how it gave me more time to create lots of content, starting my blog, updating my website, and working on my business.

One day soon, I’m boarding a plane to San Diego, sitting down at the beach before the sun comes up, breathing in the ocean air, beginning to meditate by listening to the waves, gently drifting back and forth between my thoughts, diving deeper into stillness and silence… and when I open my eyes, the sun has risen, and I am filled with happiness, joy, and so much gratitude that today is ONE DAY.

These are my very personal “One-Day-Soon” scenarios. Please share one of yours in the comments below.

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