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Love Yourself, Create Your Life

July 11 or

August 1

10 AM - 12 PM

Change does not have to be scary. Whether it is coming at you, or you long for it. It is an opportunity to decide what you really want to create in your life. What areas in your life would you like to improve? What are your beliefs when it comes to Health, Relationships, Money, Career, or dealing with Change?


In this creative workshop, you will learn to become aware of your current thought patterns, understanding limiting messages & negative beliefs, and how to release them. Through guided exercises, you will discover simple yet powerful tools & techniques to connect with yourself and to establish positive thought patterns.

Duration: 2-hour | Investment: $45  | Location: Online Workshop

Your Heal Your Life Journey


Start Dates

Journey with me through different areas in your life from Health, Work and Success to Change, Money and Forgiveness. Explore your thoughts and beliefs, identify any limiting messages and release what no longer serves you. Learn more about using positive affirmations and other tools & techniques to help you change old patterns and create new ones based on your desires & dreams. 

This is an 8-week program combining HYL & Meditation teachings to help you connect deeply with yourself and find the answers you are looking for. 


Please call/email for pricing information.

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