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Corporate Training

Promoting mindfulness and self-care in the workplace is one of my missions. Meditation training and stress management will benefit your employees and support them in their professional and personal life.


Show your appreciation by adding self-care programs to your employees curriculum. Meditation, affirmations, visualizations are amazing tools to incorporate into the work day and will motivate and empower your community.

Please contact me for details and/or pricing information.

What is Meditation...really?

Let's start with the basic. Learn what meditation is and what it is not. Explore different types of meditations and discover the right one for you. We will dive into guided meditations, mantra & mindfulness meditations, and more. We will discuss the when, where, how long, and all other questions you might be holding on to. Soon you will be able to slow down the volume of your thoughts and connect to your inner stillness. 

This 8-week program teaches participants how to get started with meditation and guides them towards a daily meditation practice.

Destressifying Yourself

Stress has so many faces and we are all subject to it. It can be positive and negative. It can show itself as emotional overwhelm or hide behind physical pain. It can last a second or go on forever. The longer it lasts, the more likely you might be suffering from chronic stress. This program will help you understand the differences, explain what stress is, identify your stress triggers and offer you helpful tools to increase your stress tolerance. 

This 8-week program focuses on bringing awareness to your personal stress level and patterns. The teachings are based on Davidji's book "destressifying".

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